"We are Camilla Jordan, an avant-garde indie music project hailing from Great Britain and America.

As husband and wife we write songs respective to our experiences and influences, and spend our time traveling and writing songs both on the road and in the studio.

Typically we write around riffs or melodies, then once we have a vision for the song, we begin the recording process where we add layers to the song to build it from scratch. All the songs on the new album, started from basic ideas but grew into larger songs in the studio.

We like incorporating various types of percussion, along with mandolin, hammered dulcimer, ukulele, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keys, synths, and whatever else suit our fancy. "

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Camilla Jordan's sound could be described as eclectic indie folk rock which lends itself to variety of influences and moods, some of which can take you on a journey to far away lands. Their ability to blend various musical aesthetics within their arrangements showcases their musical diversity, and will keep the listener engaged to the end."”