1. Silver Birches

From the recording Camilla Jordan

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verse 1

I will find my way back home
where I know I'm not alone
I can see there's so much more
for those who dare to dream.

verse 2

Silver birches in the air
grown from roots
I don't know where
I can see the leaves again
my heart is crying out
my soul is crying out
for you.....for you...

verse 3:

I will be, will be with me
can't you see, I am in me.
I will see, what I will see
when Silver birches clap their hands
when all the trees will stand.


Don't look back there's nothing there
Look to me your leaves know where
grow your branches into me
deeply rooted in love
I have come, it;s written here
that silver birches have no fear
made from all that can't be seen
but we will dance in the breeze

with you......