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Welcome to technocracy
With fact suppression technology
We’ve been duped by Wikipedia
and mainstream social media

Fact check their new policy
To cancel their terminology
Don’t allow anyone to see
An opposing ideology

Cyber warfare
Is the name of this game
Italy did it from the Vatican
satellite uplink
all those votes were switched
But let’s just hide all the evidence

The election they successfully stole
using search engines for thought control
every post that Facebook wants to tag
Is another game of capture the flag.

A billion dollars were paid,
And so a nation can be swayed
A few billion more were paid
And now our country is betrayed

Cause with a few clicks of mouse
You can take control of the White House.

They now promote
A socialist dream
But behind the scenes
They plot and scheme

Cause Just behind the curtain
is the wizard of Oz
Whose pulling some strings
for a manchurian cause

Frank Marshall Davis
had a bastard child
A boy named Barack
Who felt a bit exiled

But now Barry’s in his basement out of sight
Telling sleepy Joe what to say on the mic.

It’s a communist coup de’atat
Done in the name of America.