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A global conspiracy was hatched in complete secrecy,
Aimed at the man who stood in the way
To to Strike the Shepard and scatter the sheep,
to keep us blind to make us weak, but number 17 will lead us to victory.

So open up the chosen scroll
This plot was formed for their control
A virus made insideside a Chinese lab
With Slings and arrows
and vicious lies
they silence those
who won’t compromise
To bury the truth
to keep it from being seen…
But watch now with eyes undimmed
for the loser now will later win
For the times are a changing
Witness the rearranging

Time keeps on marching on
So let us sing the victory song
How long can we hide away
Afraid to face that day?

We must win the battle
To win the war
So close the door
And settle the score
Can’t you see
That there’s so much more
So much more….

The sleeping giant is waking up
So grab your shield and fill your cup
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
So muster some courage
And answer the call

Trim your lamp
Don’t procrastinate
Cause the hour’s late
And the need is great
we must contend
For a better fate
Time to occupy the gate